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ORICO 50 watt 6-Port High Speed Desktop USB Mobile Charger (CSL-6U)

ORICO 50 watt 6-Port High Speed Desktop USB Mobile Charger (CSL-6U)

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Orico 50-Watt 2.4-Ampere 6-Port High Speed Desktop USB Mobile Charger - Orico CSL-6U

1 Year Warranty, Special Discount on Wholesale

"Orico 50 Watt 6-Port High Speed Desktop USB Mobile charger" is the best desktop charger known for ultra-fast charging of multiple devices simultaneously. It contains 6 ports, each charging at 2.4A, without causing other ports to drop charging speed. CSL-6U has been tested for quality and capacity parameters and it not only fulfilled the rating claims, it rather over-performed. CSL-6U delivers 50 watts, and 50 watt means 50 watt; all 6 ports deliver 2.4A simultaneously. Besides, it accepts a broad input voltage range i.e. 100-240V making it more versatile. CSL-6U is the best choice if you are looking for a high-quality high-speed multi-port desktop USB charger.

CSL-6U is equipped with Smart Device Detection in order to ensure device safety by providing device-suitable charging. Besides Smart Device Detection, CSL-6U is safe for devices because its material is fire-resistant upto 750 degrees Celsius. It also provides over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-load protection and over-heat protection. brings good quality products to local market. This product has been shortlisted after thorough testing for over a year; E-bazar has found this product to be the best option in terms of quality to price ratio. This charger will charge your mobile device fastest, provided that you are using a good quality cable (we recommend Orico Cables) and that your car's cigarette-lighter socket is working fine.

Orico's quality claims are supported by certifications i.e. CE /FCC / 3C / ROHS. Consider the power rating, charging speed, product quality, protection and price, CSL-6U stands out as the most reliable option. If you are interested in other Orico products, you can find here.

Product Specification:

Brand:                                             Orico
Model:                                             CSL-6U
Input Voltage:                                AC 100-240V
Output Voltage:                             5 Volts
Output Wattage:                           50 Watt
Output Current:                            10 A

Output Current Port-1:                2.4 A
Output Current Port-2:                2.4 A
Output Current Port-3:                2.4 A
Output Current Port-4:                2.4 A
Output Current Port-5:                2.4 A
Output Current Port-6:                2.4 A

Size:                                                 100 X 70 X 28 mm
Net Weight:                                    290 g
Gross Weight:                                350 g
Color:                                              Black
Protections:                                   Over-Current Protection, Over-Load Protection, Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Heat Protection
Supported Devices:                      iPad / iPhone / iPod / HTC / Blackberry / Samsung / all Digital Cameras and other devices that support USB charging.
Stock:                                              In Stock
Certifications:                                CE / FCC / ROHS

Distinct Features:                          Fire-Resistant Material
                                                         Smart Control Chip / Smart Identification
                                                         Surge Protection, Leakage Protection
                                                         USD 300,000 PICC Insurance

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